This Lent

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“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation” (Ps62:1)

This LENT may we be people of faith whose hearts are on fire as we encounter our Lord and as we wait in silence knowing our Lord is with us. LENT is the season of the liturgical year when we commit ourselves to bring our faith to the forefront of our daily life. Jesus calls us to spend some time with Him. LENT empowers the faithful to run the race with Christ. To awaken every day, every hour and every minute is pure gift from the Divine! All time is God’s time and all human history is but a part of God’s eternity. This LENT we wait…we wait amid the silence of a prayerful heart, amid the unfolding of each day and amid the wisdom of the human heart.

LENT calls out to us to go off to that silent room, to that place where we know God, to that space in God’s universe where we can encounter our Lord. As faithful Catholics let us go forward this LENT and bring the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ into the lives of those who might be strangers to the Gospel. We will speak loudest by living out the Gospel, by putting our faith into action and by practicing what we preach.

LENT is a season when we can try to be more forgiving unto those who have trespassed against us. LENT reminds us to love our neighbor, the stranger and even our enemy. LENT is the season when the suffering of the Cross lights up the darkness of many lives. The Cross is followed by the renewal of the Resurrection. Where there is despair there is hope, where there is hatred there can be love and where there are enemies there can be reconciliation. Our Lord enables us to change for the better, to experience the transformation of our lives and to be people of faith, hope and love. The despair of Good Friday passes and there is hope in the empty tomb!

May this LENT bring forth greater faith, more time for prayer, alms giving, service unto others and a spirit of love. LENT is a season when we practice what we preach and a season to spiritually prepare for the remainder of the year. LENT is a time for you and me and all disciples of Christ to give ear to our Lord. Our Lord is with us now and until the end of time. May we bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those whose lives we touch. This LENT, may God bring you many blessings.

-Father Michael Briese