Think like God, not humanity

Posted: 9/12/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Spiritual Common Sense, Uncategorized

Among the Apostles we have St. Peter, the apostle who actually was the most frustrating of all the twelve apostles. Then there is Thomas who doubted. And do NOT forget St. Mathew, a greedy tax collector. These three men made up one fourth of Christ’s chosen apostles. Wow! Throw in Judas, the real betrayer, and that is one out of every three apostles who really irritated or deeply disappointed our Holy Savior, Jesus Christ. And yet Jesus stuck with these broken and imperfect sinners.

Today, as we gather at Church, you and I, well, we might attend Church each week, or maybe we regularly read Holy Scripture, or maybe we pray every day…and still amid all this goodness, we remain human in nature. Thus we are indeed broken, imperfect sinners. We are very much similar to the holy apostolic generation. Yes, indeed we are mere humans.

Like the four disappointing apostles mentioned above, the other apostles not mentioned, and every other human being, those who came before us, and those still with us, you, me, and all people, are broken and imperfect in our one common human nature. Yes, we really are! Yet God still loves us. Why? I believe God still loves us precisely because God is God and God is infinite in His love, mercy and justice. Can you and I be divine like God? Not at all. Nor does God ask this of humanity.

In closing, when you awaken in the morning, realize that God is with YOU— a broken and imperfect human being — precisely because God is love! As people, human beings, we can only hope and strive to grow in our faith, hope, and love for God and others. Always be willing to ask yourself this question, “What would Christ do?”. Then freely choose to imitate Christ. Every one of us will error, and misjudge and make mistakes. All of us know this. Our Lord already knows this too. Do not be too hard on yourself. There cannot be a “perfect human being”. Be your good, kind and gentle self. Be willing to serve our Lord by serving others. In the end, truly understand your own life is a sacred, precious and holy life…a gift granted by God as a gift unto you all humanity. Be the blessed person our Lord asks you to be. May we all strive to do just that! Amen.

-Father Michael Briese