Things & Kings

Posted: 8/19/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

ou have been purchased at a price! Always be willing to humbly recognize and understand that God so loved the world that He sent forth His only begotten Son to preach and teach, to heal and raise from the dead, and to die and rise in fulfilment of the ancient prophets. Be humbled by this eternal example of divine mercy, divine compassion and divine justice. If you doubt this great historical event which transformed human history, then, be brutally honest with yourself and accept His divine invitation to draw near, to come closer, and to find rest in the company of our dear Lord. Accept this divine invitation this and every day for the rest of your frail, broken and finite lifetime. Do this and you will come to discover and rediscover the transformative impact Christ will have upon you throughout your lifetime. Otherwise, you can choose to put your faith into things or maybe kings.

Your own life has been a sacred, precious and holy life since inception, throughout conception and right up to that hour when God Himself granted you your first breath and the beginning of your one lifetime. You did nothing to earn or merit this treasured gift of human life. Now that you are among us and in this world and of this world, well, what are you giving back unto others and our dear Creator? What are you doing NOT necessarily for your own sake, but rather, to help, assist, or guide other people? Are you serving others in a spirit of giving unto others in an unconditional manner? Or, when you give, do you give expecting some sort of return? Learn to give unconditionally. Learn to give even when you do not wish to give. Ask not what others can do for you or your own benefit. Rather, ask what you can do for others. Seek a frank and clear self-examination, and the willingness to pick up your Cross, as did Christ, and to live a daily life with the Gospel as its foundation. Always strive to freely, knowingly and deliberately imitate Christ on a daily basis.

Take this road throughout your lifetime and you will be able to honestly recognize and humbly acknowledge all those events when you yourself thought you had failed, fallen short, or might have gotten the situation all wrong. Be humbled by these times and events in your one lifetime. Then humbly acknowledge and be grateful for indeed our dear Lord, the Risen Christ was right there at your side. Such moments in your lifetime will be remembered not for success, but rather for the humbling self-realization that indeed our dear Lord was there at your side, saw you fall, and picked you up and carried you through those dark times. Our Lord waits for you now and until the hour of your death. Will you accept this divine invitation? The choice is yours to make. Otherwise, you can rely on things and kings.

-Father Michael Briese