The poor are us

Posted: 9/10/20 | by | Category: Ordinary Time, Reflections, Uncategorized

People associate poverty and being poor with economic poverty. That is to say, a rich man who is financially wealthy is better than a poor man who owns little of any real financial value. Well, there are different kinds of poverty. There certainly is a diversity of the poverty experienced by members of our one common human race. There is little or no mystery as to why every year very successful men and women who are famous athletes, movie stars, musicians and leaders in other fields kill themselves. For all their external wealth or fame or power, they were empty inside. Many had turned for solace through the traditional modes, such as drugs, alcohol, daily pleasures at the expense of others, sexual promiscuity, gambling, and the ancient modes of abuse of powers, influence and authority. This is simply to remind you, me and all people that right within you, your very being, rests the Greatest Treasure…a Treasure planted within you at your sacred, precious and holy moment of conception, and sustained and brought into the unfolding of human history at your holy moment of birth. On that day, at that precious moment, God graced humanity with you. God blessed you with innate goodness, your one unearned life and countless breaths to sustain your life.

What do you give back to God, yourself and your countless brothers and sisters? What do you give back? This is a very important question you should ask, pray about, reflect upon and frankly address as you wander through this one unfolding lifetime. Do you ever ask your own self questions of wonderment, awe and greater understanding? Do you seriously pursue Truth? Wonder and you will find wisdom. Pray and you will see God. Seek Truth by making time to ask and address these innate questions of wonderment and about life. Strive to answer them with frankness and even brutal honesty.

Take the risk and with courage, be willing to open your heart to pains, injury, even brutal truths. Pain almost always precedes healing, strength and renewal. Be willing to lose your own life, trusting your new life, your new self, and your new purpose will be followed with greater clarity and understanding. Be determined. Persevere. Never give up! With your own injuries learn about forgiveness, and grow in your abilities to grant pardon unto those who hurt you. Be willing to listen to unfavorable words, taunts or accusations; and still be willing to respect, love and serve these same people. Be willing to acknowledge your own brokenness. There amid your own frail, broken and imperfect self, you will come to discover God’s ancient invaluable treasures resting within the very depths of your being. In the end, always choose to go with God.

Never give up. Pursue these basic heartfelt and intellectual questions throughout your one passing lifetime: Who am I? What is my purpose? When will I obtain greater understanding? Where am I going? Why am I here? How will I get there? Throughout your own lifetime only you can ask yourself and truthfully, even hope to answer these very ancient, personal and sacred questions. These fundamental questions, when asked, when seriously pursued, when honestly addressed and answered, can provide the cornerstones of one’s lifelong spiritual foundation. Seek and you will find Truth. Ask and it shall be given. You owe yourself Truth. Be well assured, if you are serious, many currently unknown men, women, and children will enter into your life and give unconditionally unto you, as you seek, pursue, and strive to live out a life in search of greater understanding, meaning and purpose. The universe awaits you. Only you can live out this lifelong pursuit.

-Father Michael Briese