The Last shall be First

Posted: 9/18/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Mankind has always tried to make the point that being first does not always prove to be the most important or valuable achievement in life. Today our Roman Catholic Church is being shaken by a crisis known to countless well-educated men and women. These intelligent and gifted people have made possible todays worldwide Church crises. Most, if not all, of these Church people knew what was happening and chose to say nothing. Their silence has proven to be deafening and deeply destructive.

Being last does not necessarily mean someone has failed. If a person strives to obtain a job 100 times and is rejected 99 times; well, he or she still has one job! Never give up! God is God and God has always been, is now, and forever shall be! Our loving Father assures all humanity that indeed this gift of each and every life is already sacred, precious and holy. These divinely granted attributes are as valuable in a poor man’s life (Think Lazarus) as in a rich man’s life (Think the rich man). Indeed, it is when one is willing to lose all his or her material wealth, to surrender their own ways to God’s ways, to pursue their daily lives in pursuit NOT of material wealth or power, but rather in search of Divine love, mercy and justice; that is when a New Life in Christ has been created. It is this life God offers as pure gift to you, me, and all who freely choose to walk humbly in the company of Christ.

No Church crises over these past centuries have ever succeeded in defeating God. Today’s crises will not defeat our Lord. God’s infinite love, divine mercy and forgiveness cannot be thwarted by man’s so-called sinful nature. Our Lord prevails over sin. This is now and always will be. As a sinner and child of our Lord, Jesus Christ, you and all people have heard the Good News of Christ. Now, HOW one responds to this divine invitation…well, that varies. As you journey the lifelong trail toward the eternal life, HOW are you going to pursue Christ, grow in faith, hope and love? How will you pursue this daily journey, keenly aware of Christ’s presence? Go forth and always seek to walk humbly in the company of Christ. And be at peace with all.

-Father Michael Briese