The Greatest Treasure

Posted: 8/8/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Not so deep within you rests the Greatest Treasure! There within the silence of your heart is a sacred place, a holy presence and as St Paul writes, therein is a temple for our dear Lord. Take some time daily to walk away from the noises of the day. Ignore the countless distractions. Avoid loudness for each day can too often impose its own vexations. Daily noises and other distractions take us ever more distant from the very presence of our Lord right within the silence of a human heart. Give some time each day to our Lord. Do this in memory of our God’s only begotten Son, whose death on that ancient Cross brought you, me, and the human race the eternal promise of eternal life hereafter.

Certainly, you hear, and I hear so many who simply mock the very idea of God and even religion overall. Let those who mock, and jeer have the last laugh. Let them. If that reflects their own lives, then make some time to pray for them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will enkindle their heart, mind and spirit with greater faith, hope and love. Always be willing and able to pray for those who might not think like you, live like you, or believe like you. Regardless of such differences, I have to believe that you and maybe even some of them might understand…maybe even believe the words you could share with them: Just say to them in a sincere manner, “Your life is a holy life, a sacred life and a precious life. It is precisely because God has created you out of divine love and in His image and likeness and God has a role for you to play in the unfolding of His kingdom here at hand.” Share this part of the Good News. This is what our Lord asks of us. Be gentle, understanding and kind. Share the Good News of Jesus Christ even if they laugh at you or mock you.

Our Lord came among us to serve us. Jesus did not come to be served by us. Living out the Gospel is not always going to be easy, comfortable or without its challenges and even burdens. Still, the Gospel message has consistently throughout human history, since the ancient times of the Roman Empire, provided billions of lives with countless blessings, greater faith and many, many ways in which generations after generations have ever more fully heard, embraced and lived out The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Humanity has ever so slowly learned HOW to live out the Gospel. Nations, tribes, ethnic groups and races have grown in our common human capacities to let go of the past, to love and forgive our enemies, and to live each and every day as God’s day (since God provides us with each breaking dawn). The Gospel message reminds us to be deeply appreciative and thankful for every breath we have ever taken. We are invited to more fully understand and humbly acknowledge, that we are breathing now, at this moment, and thus are able to experience the purely granted and unearned gift of human life. Indeed, God is with us, now, and until the end of time. Blessed are they who walk humbly in the company of Christ.

-Father Michael Briese