Teach me your ways

Posted: 7/3/18 | by | Category: Prayers, Uncategorized

Lord, teach me to follow your footsteps, to bring Your love into the lives of others, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the dying, to care for the widow and the orphan, to help the stranger in need, and to serve the least among us.

Lord, enable me to uphold the dignity of all people, including those who are weak, vulnerable and without a strong voice – most notably the unborn and persons with disabilities.

Lord, teach me to learn from the little ones. Teach me to see You throughout the lives of the poor in spirit and those whose lives are afflicted by addiction.

Lord, bless me with the ability to hear Your heartfelt wisdom in the words of my elders, the ill and the suffering.

Hear me, O Lord! Grant me the courage, perseverance and humility needed to imitate You. Lord, teach me to recognize You wherever I go.

O Lord, guide me and bless me in ways everlasting. Lord, I ask you to grant this prayer. In peace, I humbly give thanks to You, My Lord and my God.


-Father Michael Briese