Resurrection of the Lord

Posted: 4/25/19 | by | Category: Easter Season, Reflections, Uncategorized

May Easter bring you and your loved ones many blessings! Easter reminds us that death is no victor. In fact, death, the loss of this life is but the beginning of the eternal day the Lord secured for each and every person. That ancient day when Christ rose from the dead was a day when time stopped, human history was transformed, and our promised Savior fulfilled the teachings of the ancient prophets. Because of our Risen Lord we will one day take our last breath and can join in the eternal company of the angels and saints. Eternal Life awaits us. Christ died and rose from the dead so we can have everlasting life. This is the reason for the Great Alleluia! Holy is our Redeemer Jesus Christ.

May the Easter Season bring us closer to our Lord. Let us recognize that this day, this very hour, is all part of God’s time and that human history is but a part of God’s eternity. We are a pilgrim people, a nation of Christ’s modern disciples, and people whose hearts are on fire with the Gospel message.

I pray our Lord will continue to inspire and guide you and transform your current life into a life in which Christ is paramount. May Easter bring to you the reminder that the tomb was empty, that our Risen Christ appeared to Mary and the apostles, and that He walks with us, and all of His modern disciples on the daily Road to Eternal Life. Our Risen Lord is with us now and forever. May our good Lord bless you and your loved ones now and forever. Have a blessed Easter Season.

-Father Michael Briese