Proclaim His Good News

Posted: 1/17/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Go out into our society and proclaim the Gospel! Do so, NOT by preaching or teaching, or talking down to someone. Rather, take this Gospel and its Good News into the lives of those close to you…family, friends, fellow workers. Assure them that they are people of goodness, people whose lives are here precisely because God has chosen to breathe life into them. Assure them, that amid all the distress, pressures and tensions, there is right within the very depth of their own being a sacred presence, a Divine message and a holiness which only can come from God. The basic Gospel message is all about God’s infinite love, divine mercy and endless compassion.

Remind your own self first, and only then, others that indeed God waits. He waits for you, me and all who freely choose to draw near and to walk humbly in the company of our Lord. Ask them where they are at on this matter of faith, this matter of walking humbly in the company of Christ and where they hope to go? If we do not ask, then we will never discover greater truth, greater understanding and greater wisdom. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door shall be open. Our Lord said these ancient words of profound Divine truth. Do you hear what I hear? Do you hear our Lord speaking to you, in the very depths of your restless heart and right within the heart, mind and spirit of you? Listen as our Lord speaks in you, around you and through you. Listen.

As a faithful modern disciple of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, be or become more keenly aware of our Lord’s presence in your daily life. You can choose to put your faith in wealth, power, greed, influence or other false gods. All of them have visited our society before. And they will visit again. Does it make sense to place your faith in things? Money, stocks, real estate, bonds, power? No! Why? Because human history, in fact our own national history clearly shows that all these are but waning powers. They come and they go with the ebb and flow of history. Contrast this human sense of power with God’s divine power! Look closely! You will discover or re-discover that all human power is but for a fixed number of days and years. No more. But God’s power goes on from one generation to the next. Use your own life in both words and actions to proclaim the Gospel, to bring hope in places of despair, love in place of prejudice, hatred, envy or jealousy. And always be a person whose own life inspires others by simply becoming the beautiful (not perfect) human being our loving Lord invites you to become. Do so in the holy name of Christ.

-Father Michael Briese