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Dearest, loving Lord,

Our hearts are infected with countless fears of death. A great and fearful silence now burdens far too many hearts, minds, and spirits. Death resulting from a seemingly unknown and untested illness has destroyed thousands of lives around the world. This burdensome illness has wracked far too many lives throughout our modern world.

Lord, we plead You will enable the world’s greatest researchers, innovators and men and women of great faith to pursue courage, greater faith, greater hope, perseverance and tireless determination to use the boundless knowledge already here in our modern world. These men and women persevere in pursuit of the knowledge, and their research efforts needed to uphold, and sustain human dignity, human life, and human knowledge. May faith, knowledge and life prevail over suffering and death.

May every man, woman, and child come to discover that their own life and every human life is already sacred, precious and holy. This is precisely because God created human life out of Divine Love and in His image and likeness.

Death is no victor over life. Even lives lost still hold a place in the unfolding story of God’s kingdom here at hand.

Never allow the devil’s tool of fear to dominate your heart, mind or spirit. Rather, pray throughout each passing hour and day. Ask our dear Lord to sustain all human life. Ask our dear Lord to pick you up when you fall down. Know our Lord is with you now and forever.

Pray from the very depths of your own being with the trusting simplicity of an innocent child and the wisdom of our elders. Always know our good Lord has been, is now, and ever shall be our one True Lord. Lord, we ask you to send forth Your Holy Spirit and divine mercy and justice. We are Your people and You are our God. Holy is He who comes in the Holy Name of our dear Lord and brings us greater faith, greater hope, and greater love, as well as, healing, consolation, and renewal. Amen.


-Father Michael Briese