Poverty of heart

Posted: 10/2/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Sometimes we watch or listen to the news. Week after week we hear about hatred, war, oppression, murder, rape, robbery, abuse of children, women, elders, even animals. This is one major reason I find no need to sit in front of a so called t.v. box and listen about many ways in which men, women and children can and do harm unto other people. How did we get this way? Well, actually humanity has been doing these same things, sometimes even worse since the ancient days. Just look at the story of the two brothers Cain and Abel, the Jewish people and the Canaanites, the Christians and Romans, Christ and the Pharisees. Humanity has possessed a deep poverty of heart which goes all the way back to the beginning of human history.

Today in our modern world a good set of parents, a good family, good neighbors, good communities, good schools and of course good churches of strong genuine faith can all combine to be main sources of just HOW, WHEN, and WHY we as adults, and older sons and daughters do need to make it a very important, if NOT the PRIMARY lesson we must teach to our own children first and foremost, but also to those children or young people who do not have such love and guidance at home. Either we will teach our family members, neighbors’ children, and other younger people to respect, forgive and be compassionate and just toward our fellow human beings, or, we can legally opt to raise children filled with self-centeredness, insensitivity, even indifference and prejudice toward other people. Which way to raise a child is closer to living our lives in the image and likeness of Christ? Love is always the way of Christ! Hatred is always the way of Satan. What kind of children, sons and daughters or family members or close friends or neighbors might YOU prefer?

Today is the doorway to the rest of your life. You know not whatever you have this afternoon, little alone tomorrow. You know not whether your loved ones will be around later today. But this we do know: God is with us every moment, every hour of every day. Are you, your family members and loved ones with our Lord? Do you walk in our Lord’s company? Do your loved ones? Be not afraid to come closer to our Lord. Like a Good Shepherd our Lord extends His open hands to welcome you. Today, take some extra time to go off and give unto our dearly beloved Holy Father, some moments to pray. Listen in prayer. Know your own life and every human life belongs to God. And that every human life is a scared life, a holy life and a precious life. And it is, precisely because God has a place for you in the unfolding of His kingdom here at hand. Know this. Be humbled. Then, give thanks to our loving God. Amen.

-Father Michael Briese