Poverty of heart, mind and spirit

Posted: 10/1/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Jesus said to His apostles, “Anyone who gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ, amen, I say to you, will surely not lose his reward.” All the material wealth in the world will not bring any human being the peace of heart, mind and spirit for which the vast majority of humanity yearns. No! Peace of heart, mind and spirit is pure gift; an unearned gift granted by God. All the good works in the world will not justify God’s love, mercy and justice. Rather, God loves you, me and all people precisely because of God’s innate charitable nature. God asks you and I to go out into the world and freely, knowingly and willingly to be charitable unto others, especially our brothers and sisters whose lives are considered to be among the least of us.

When you are looking for our Lord, you need not search in the largest and most impressive cathedral, a world-famous shrine or in some ancient monastery. Rather, come to the realization that you yourself are but a grain of sand passing through the ongoing and unfolding story of human history. Like a grain of sand, you are but one small part of God’s great gift of human life. Be humbled by this very profound spiritual realization. Be humbled by this ancient truth.
Like the apostles, be courageous enough to surrender your ways, your desires and your material achievements unto our blessed Lord. Do so not only in heart, mind and spirit, but as well in the ways you freely choose to live your life. Be humbled by God’s immense universe, by God’s provision of rich soil, an abundance of seeds, livestock, forests and fields…even the seen waterways and the abundance of underground waters. God has been, is now, and will always be with you. His infinite charity and divine love merit your humility, and your own grasp and clear understanding that our Lord can best be discovered and most clearly understood when we stand in awe realizing that indeed our Lord is with us. Be humbled by God’s divine charity and the humility which rests within you. Be wowed as you grow in virtues and humbled by the richness of your own God-given holiness deeply rooted in poverty of heart, mind and spirit. In silence, give thanks to God.

-Father Michael Briese