O you of little faith!

Posted: 8/3/20 | by | Category: Ordinary Time, Reflections

Have you faith the size of a mustard seed? Have you the faith of a child? What kind of faith have you? Is it weak, minimal, viable, strong or blessed with certitude? Faith requires one’s willingness to stretch beyond the self-obvious. Faith demands one has the courage and willingness to step out of the ordinary in search of the extraordinary. It is true we can see a man. But when we see a man, do we see Christ? Whoever that man might be, he is still a child of our one common Creator. The same goes for every woman and child. Do we search for our Lord? Do we even think about God? It has been written, “Wonder and you find wisdom. Pray and you will see God.” O you of little faith!

When you look into the eyes of another person, you are looking into the windows of one’s soul. When you witness the birth of a newborn child, you witness the Divine Artist’s creation of new life; a new life created by God in His image, and out of infinite Divine Love. Your life and that of every human being, regardless of one’s place in this world, are sacred, precious and holy lives. Our one common thread—our human nature—unifies us as members of the entire human family. Look and you will see. Listen and you will hear. Seek Christ and you will find Christ.

Maybe your heart is struggling, your mind racing, or your spirit is wrestling for greater clarity. Maybe you are content. Maybe you are indifferent. Maybe you cannot understand. You get this one life. It is here today, but might be gone tomorrow. There are no guarantees in life. Does God exist? Is there no God? Both of these questions require faith. The first: faith in God. The second: faith that there is no God. To fully grasp the complexity of either and both of these two questions will require your entire lifetime and some additional centuries. You owe yourself truth!

Ask, search, persevere, and at the end of your life, may you be blessed with greater knowledge, greater understanding and greater wisdom. Faith is a gift; not every person has faith in God. Still, we believe all people are children of God, and have a role to play in the unfolding of God’s kingdom here at hand.

Everyone starts with little faith. Most end up with greater faith, greater hope and greater love. Faith will enable countless people to get through the greatest challenges of their lives. Faith will conjure up greater courage, determination and sheer perseverance at times when everyone around you is telling you to give up, walk away or quit. Faith will bring renewal between old stony hearts. Faith will enable you to let go of yesterday and forgive those who have trespassed against you. Faith will strengthen your own abilities to confront suffering, and to discover formerly unknown gifts. You can use these God-given heartfelt capacities to bring healing, consolation and wise counsel to others. Today you might have little Faith. Tomorrow has yet to come. Seek. Persevere. Trust. Pray. Pray more.

-Father Michael Briese