Most Holy Trinity

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Our Ancient Roman Catholic tradition recognizes and humbly acknowledges the Triune Oneness of our God. Our Father who art in heaven shares His only begotten Son with us, and also sends forth the holy Spirit. The Triune Oneness of the Divine is fully divine in nature, a nature in which we can discover that the Three Person Union of the Most Holy Trinity is at once simultaneously present to the world, and yet its infinite nature of True Divinity is beyond total human understanding or comprehension. We are merely human in nature.

Our Creator, Savior and Holy Spirit are at once simultaneously available to humanity through that ancient language of the human heart which we call prayer. Our God is available twenty-four seven if only we freely choose to draw near, to find time for prayer, and to pursue our own actual and personal comprehension, and trusting belief that indeed our good Lord is with us now and forevermore. Do we believe this or not? Do I care enough to pursue a lifelong search for Truth? Do I care about my neighbor, the stranger or even my enemy? Such basic though profound questions are at the heart of our lifelong pursuit to draw closer, and to find stillness and rest in the company of our dear Lord. Do you, do I, do most people in today’s modern societies freely choose to find rest and stillness in the company of saints and Christ?

The Most Holy Trinity and Divine Triune Union is the clearest exemplary example of just HOW IMPORTANT LOVE really is to you, me and the whole world. This Divine Union of Three Persons shows all humanity that indeed our Lord is always with us and that our Lord demands that we, before our human death be or become men and women whose hearts are truly afire with our daily love for God. Do you feel this way? Are you in a more mature manner striving every day to live as a faithful modern disciple of Christ? Are you putting your faith into action?

The Most Holy Trinity is a great example of just WHY and HOW the role and purpose of human love plays in human history. Love is the greatest power every human being can ever hope to possess. Certainly there are different ways to love. Sadly, in human history and in our present days, countless people abuse the human capacity to love. Countless people suffer as a result of such human abuse. Nonetheless, the Most Holy Trinity as a Divine Union of Three Persons exemplifies what must be done in our own personal lives, but also in humanity as a whole. As Christians and modern disciples of Christ, I invite you to join me and countless people all around the world to use your God-given capacities to love in your daily efforts to help build up the modern kingdom of God. You too have a role to play in this ongoing effort in human history to listen and hear the words of our beloved Creator. Let us go forth each day, recognizing God’s gifts of creation, time itself, every breath we take, the crops of the fields, the birds in the skies, and the many forests . God speaks daily. Do we listen? Our Lord invites you, me, and all people, to draw near to our Lord. Can we honestly say, “Hear, oh Lord, the sounds of my voice”?

-Father Michael Briese