Morning Star

Posted: 1/2/19 | by | Category: Christmas Season, Uncategorized

When your heart feels alone, when your spirit is wrestling with truth, or when you might find discomfort permeating the very depths of your being, just recall that ancient morning star which shone so brightly on that cold ancient night. Recall the darkness of that ancient night when countless men, women and children waited. They waited for their expected divine mercy, peace to be at hand, and their Savior to come and walk amid their company. They waited in expectation. They waited and were keenly aware of their own human imperfection, their one common human nature and its countless frailties, and brokenness. They waited in prayer.

On that ancient night, as the world was turned upside down, and the moon lighted up those ancient dark skies, it was mere shepherds of the field, and three very astute, expecting and trusting wise men who gathered in the company of the expected Holy Child, the Savior of the World. Tempered by their awareness and understanding of their own imperfect humanity, these three wise men and the simple shepherds of the fields already believed and fully understood that their Savior was now here on earth, and in their midst. Both the wise men and shepherds showed a clear realization that their Savior was to be acknowledged as a pure and unmerited sacred, precious and holy gift sent forth by God, our Father.

On that ancient Holy Night as the world slept, as angels sang from on high, as wise men knelt before the Holy Child, as shepherds’ hearts were afire, and as the heavens announced the Good News on that Holy Night, humanity surrendered itself unto the expected arrival of the Morning Star. On that ancient morning, countless restless hearts found consolation. Truth was fulfilled. Many people came to discover a shining Light permeating their daily spirit. It is through the Christ Child we can find Good News and with it greater faith, greater hope and greater love. Indeed, this is the Good News of Jesus Christ. Let us be a thankful people, modern disciples of gratitude, awe and a spirit of thanksgiving. Lastly, let us be humbled by this act of unearned Divine Mercy.

-Father Michael Briese