Living the Christian life of service

Posted: 10/25/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Spiritual Common Sense, Uncategorized

God the Father willed that you, me and every human being be created out of Divine love and in His image and likeness. Your moment of conception was a moment when the Divine granted you a place in the unfolding story of the human race. Your life, all human life, though frail in nature, is, and will always be a sacred gift. God’s infinite nature, His immeasurable generosity and God’s love cannot be matched by any one person or the whole human race. God has always been, is now, and forever shall be our Lord whose service unto humanity speaks so loudly.

Be willing to serve others without attaching any contractual terms or conditions. Be willing to serve others, most notably those among the least of us. How? There are many ways to serve our Lord by serving others. Do you make time to pray daily? Do you visit the sick or home-bound? Are you generous unto others in your words, actions and deeds? Our Lord is watching over you. Are you attentive to the ways of our good Lord?

Go out into the real world and live out the Gospel in your words and actions. Be willing to serve others…even those you might not like. Serve others, and in doing so be humbled by their meager belongings, the poor life they live, their inadequate food, clothing and shelter; their suffering not only from their fiscal poverty, but also their poverty of heart, mind and soul. Be or seek to become a true servant of Christ. You will succeed best by living out the Gospel. Read the Beatitudes in Mathew Chapter 5. Read the ancient prophets especially Isaiah. God is asking you, me and all of His disciples to listen to His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Then pray, read Holy Scripture, live out our faith by putting your faith into action. See Christ in the lives of the poor, the elderly, those with disabilities, the homeless, the chronically underemployed.

Be willing to serve daily lives lived amid an absence of Christ in far too many hearts and minds. Be simultaneously challenged and humbled by this realization, its heavy toll, and burdensome spiritual poverty. Always pray with all your heart and know our Lord rests in your company. Be assured and assure those you serve that our Lord has always been, is now, and always will be with us throughout each and every hour and day of our God-given lives. Then, in prayer give thanks to God for His gift of life, heartfelt peace, and countless blessings.

-Father Michael Briese