Living a life of goodness

Posted: 2/27/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

The goodness of the Lord rests within you. Your own life is already a holy life, a sacred life and a precious life. It is precisely because God has chosen to create you in his image and likeness. Our Lord breathed life into you in that most sacred and precious moment of your entire life. It was at that moment in human history when you entered into the human realm of God’s own masterful creation. You breathed and with every breath since that sacred moment you have been able to live. You possess an innate human nature…a nature shared by every other human being. The goodness of the Lord rests within every human being.

Whether one accepts and lives out this goodness depends largely upon every person’s countless decisions to either live out a life deeply rooted in goodness, or a life embedded in bad choices, even evil choices. You are the author of your unfolding lifelong story. It is your biography to live out, your story to unfold and ultimately your unfolding place in God’s creation. You have free will. HOW will you decide to live out this immense sacred and invaluable gift of life? Ultimately each one of us has the option to ask this question, to be attentive to this question throughout our lifetime and ultimately to freely choose to pursue or to reject. What are you doing this day, this hour, as time passes, history unfolds and ultimately eternity draws even closer? What is your life all about? Is it in the Fast Lane? Are Pleasure, gratification and self-satisfaction the main themes of your life? Do you have serious and genuine concern and love for those less fortunate, the poor, the disabled, those whose lives right now are in disarray? Do you care about the stranger in need? Do you love those you might not really like? Can you honestly say to our dear Lord that you truly forgive those who trespass against you and that you truly love your enemy? If not, then draw closer to our Lord and in prayer ask our dear and merciful Lord to make you a greater forgiver and a more benevolent lover of others.

Seek to rest in the company of our good Lord on a daily basis. Fear not those many times when your prayers or heartfelt yearnings appear to be unheard or ignored by our loving Lord. Rather, amid such doubts persevere in your spiritual life trusting, even knowing with certainty that indeed our Lord walks in your company. Fear not the darkness of despair, sadness or serious doubts. Rather persevere and like a simple child or monk be still and, in that stillness, you will come to discover a love beyond human comprehension. Seek the simplicity and trust of a child and the wisdom of a faithful elder. In the end, always seek to live your life with its roots deeply embedded in the Gospel message. And be humbled and in a spirit of thanksgiving and awe wonder and you will find wisdom. Pray and you will see God. In our Lord’s presence, you will come to recognize the goodness of our Lord. That Divine goodness rests within you and every human being. It reflects the divine beauty you possess. It is the foundation of your own dignity and the God-given innate dignity God plants in every human being. What a beautiful gift!

-Father Michael Briese