Listening to Our Good Shepherd

Posted: 5/9/19 | by | Category: Easter Season, Reflections, Uncategorized

In Psalm 23 it is written, “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want…”. Our dear Lord has always been like a Good Shepherd unto His people. Our Lord exemplified the infinite love only God can provide. Since man and woman walked this earth, God has blessed humanity. God has bestowed upon every single human being gifts such as faith, hope and love. God has guided good peoples of all nations to live lives rooted in His gift of goodness. As people, we can individually and freely choose to live lives embedded in our human goodness. Otherwise, if we so choose, we can live our lives estranged from goodness and more firmly based upon our bad human qualities. You, me, all humanity make these choices throughout our lifetimes. We do so on an hourly and daily basis.

Jesus Christ came among humanity to provide us with the Good News! His main Gospel message was that God His Father and our Father so loved the world that He freely chose to send among us His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is our Good Shepherd. If you have a difficult time picturing our Good Shepherd carrying you back into the company of the larger flock, then, shut your eyes, quietly pray, and in prayer witness your own self in one of those tough moments in your life when others helped you get through the seemingly long hours of that dark night: A night when the Love of Christ, our divine Good Shepherd sent forth His goodness through the words and actions of other people. In those painful, burdensome and disturbing times in our lives, it is the goodness of God you will see in the kindness and mercy other people extend unto you. Our Lord is with us through it all.

Our Lord will be with us whether we are living lives blessed with an abundance of goodness or those times when we are burdened by heavy worries, concerns or anguish. Follow in the footsteps of Christ. Do not carry anger or animosity toward others. Be or become a forgiver. Learn to love and respect your own self with all your own imperfections and frailties. Know your own life and that of all people are sacred, precious and holy lives. Fear not the arrow which flies by night. Rather be firm in your resolve to walk humbly in the company of our Jesus our Good Shepherd. Trust our dearly beloved Good Shepherd. He is with you now and always will be. Peace and blessings.

-Father Michael Briese