Labor for Our Just Lord

Posted: 8/28/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Choose to labor for our good and gracious Lord. Our Lord merits your attentive heart, mind and spirit. He does precisely because God has unconditionally granted you a pure and undeserved or merited gift in your holy, sacred and precious gift of human life. Our Lord is pure goodness! God’s love is NOT to be forgotten. Rather God sends us the Holy Spirit to constantly provide good counsel, greater knowledge, greater understanding and greater heartfelt wisdom. Are you listening as God reminds all peoples of all nations and lands that indeed He sent forth His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus was born unto the Holy Mother Mary, and Blessed Joseph — a hard working carpenter.

Both Mary and Joseph saw to it that their Son would grow in knowledge and faith. They saw to it that Jesus would of course learn carpentry and work in the company of his holy and saintly father, Joseph. It is fair to picture Jesus as a young man as a carpenter…a man with scars and rough hands. Jesus was not sheltered in some monastery. Rather, he was raised as a poor working man whose heart truly understood hard work, struggling and human imperfections and frailties. Our Father sent forth a blessed Savior to be born in the company of a poor working mother and father. At best Jesus lived a modest life. I am certain Jesus discovered that hard work really does require hard and careful work. To choose to labor in this life can help build up, improve and renew our society.

Labor in life is always God’s preference. Yet, there is a time to step away from work. There is a time to seek rest, comfort, good company, laughter and joy. These are God’s gifts to our common human condition. In closing, be willing to put forth your labor — not only at your job, but also as a child of God. Your dedication and fidelity to following in the footsteps of Christ will earn for you and so many others a New Life and eternal peace in the company of our Lord. Always opt to work hard in order to help build up the Kingdom of God.

-Father Michael Briese