Knights of that Night

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T’was just nights before Christmas when all through the land This older gentleman heard the cries of a mere lamb. They were the cries of a boy in need of a winter coat and toys Whose heart was afire with hopes for both girls and boys.

Christmas was coming but it was so bitter cold.
Girls and boys needed to stay warm and live to be old. Winter was heavy and hearts cried out with great shouts When hearts shouted prayers with great faith that went out,

To the listening ears of an army of angels
Their wings went aflutter with great startling cries of wild bangles. These young angels now understood as did the wise
The need for warm winter coats from whom they heard these cries.

Hearts were hurting and lives did depend
In large part upon HOW these angels would spend These next many hours at work to meet needs and bring joy To the yearning hearts of these waiting girls and boys.

At once these great angels spoke and discussed Every detail needed and that in God they’d trust. Hours became days and would their work pay off? At this question they did not quit nor dare scoff.

Indeed, hours became days and time did pass by, When the Knights more clearly understood the ”WHY”. Their plans and hard work finally came through When one coat was multiplied into two.

Day by day, as hours passed, Knights stood amazed As twos became fours and continued as they gazed. Before one could know it, they had ninety nine. Lastly, there came one more coat to complete their line.

One hundred it seemed was to be enough. Sadly, Winter was more severe and tough. They cried out with invites to all who could hear. More coats are needed, please bring to our cheers.

Almost fifty more coats came their way.
Many givers came, but only some could stay.
To their cheers they gathered in the company of the Lamb. This Holy Child crying out for every other cold little lamb. As Christmas came and was truly cheered and adored, Many little lambs’ hearts and minds were restored. Indeed Santa came and went as Day became Night. That Christmas many little lives saw the Holy Child’s Light.

Knights helped to put warm coats on many little backs.
Saints smiled greatly recognizing these Kind acts.
Our Lord smiled widely at this great sign of pure Divine Love. And God said, to all Knights in our nation from Heaven above, “Repeat this act throughout all Winters with evermore abundant love.”

-Father Michael Briese