Jesus as the Bread of Life

Posted: 8/16/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Our Roman Catholic faith includes our Sacrament of Holy Communion. Catholics believe in the real presence in the Holy Eucharist. We believe that indeed through our collective prayers at each Mass that indeed our Father transforms mere human made bread into the actual Body of Christ. This is called transubstantiation. It is the ancient action expressed in prayer; a cry of prayer expressed with great faith, with great hope and great love. You, myself, all who enter into a Roman Catholic Church cry out to God to transform, bless and change mere human made bread into the real presence of Christ. This is not mere faith or science. Such distinguishable change is to witness and be received as the real Presence of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist by those who freely choose to attend Mass.

Today, you will go outside through our church doors and back into the comforts and challenges of the world. You will be tempted to obtain great power and influence, greater wealth, and of course a closeness with our Savior Jesus Christ. Christ invites you to enter into society every day. Our Lord asks you to stoop down and when possible to pick up that poor, suffering or vulnerable family member, neighbor, even a stranger in need. They too are already a member of our one common human race. As such, God has already breathed life into them, granted them their holy, precious and frail heart, mind and body. Our good Lord has invited you to enter into this broken, frail and God given life. When you choose to help those in need, you are entering into a very holy moment…a moment created by God for your kindness and willingness to assist those vulnerable or considered to be among the least of us.

Our one holy and apostolic Roman Catholic Church celebrates the real presence of our Lord’s sacred Body in Holy Eucharist. He is with us now and till that final moment when God calls us home. Blessed is the life lived in Christ. You receive Holy Communion as a modern disciple of Christ. You faithfully trust in the Gospel message. You pray because prayer is the language of the human heart. Receive Holy Communion and the other sacraments. Strive to live out the Gospel. Do this as best you can and toward the end of your life you will be able to honestly realize as you look back, that you faithfully chose to “run the race…go the extra mile…and to do so in the company of our Savior Jesus Christ.

-Father Michael Briese