In the Beginning

Posted: 1/8/19 | by | Category: Christmas Season, Reflections, Uncategorized

In the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh. We firmly believe and hopefully with both a humble heart and mind, we acknowledge the infinite, undeserved love God showed when He sent forth His only begotten Son. When Jesus walked among the people of God, He found resistance, rejection, and distrust. Jesus also was blessed with countless people and their deep trust, heartfelt faith and true love. Like Christ, as we walk amid our parts of this world, we discover some people who dislike us, some who like us and others who truly love us. This is a reflection of our one common human condition and its countless foibles, shortcomings, imperfection and its many gifts, talents, and skills. What kind of person are you today? Do you dislike maybe too many people? Do you like, even love those you might not necessarily desire to be around? Can you truly say, you are doing the best you can do to get along with those who might not necessarily reciprocate your kindness? I know this can at first sound foolish or unreasonable to ask, little alone expect from oneself. Nonetheless, it is the Gospel message of both our Father who art in heaven and His only begotten Son whom He sent forth, in part, on behalf of you, me and all humanity. Do you live your life the ways in which YOU want to live? Or, do you at least strive to live your life in accord with God’s will? Only you can truthfully answer these particular questions. But you should answer them. You owe YOURSELF truth! We all do.

In the beginning of time, at a moment when our Creator willed Creation, you and I and ALL peoples were but mere specks of dust in an unfolding universe. Well, today, you and I are important to some people. But! To most of the world, we remain unknown. We are strangers in the midst of God’s entire unfolding universe. We remain but a mere speck of life walking on the surface of this great planet. Still, your life, my life, every human life is a holy, sacred and precious life. And, our Lord wills and invites and encourages us to grasp the outstretched hands of His only Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Lord then invites us to draw near and to take some time each day to rest in His company and simply be still and in that stillness to pray. Do you accept this Divine invitation? Do so this year. Then do so every year hereafter. And do so in a spirit of awe, thanksgiving, and love.

-Father Michael Briese