If only…

Posted: 11/15/18 | by | Category: Prayers, Reflections, Uncategorized

If only I could be closer to You, dear Lord. If I could just reach out my hand and touch You and feel Your infinite and merciful touch. If only I could grasp You in a mere moment of my full understanding of You, my beloved Lord and God. Where are You at the moments when I I strive to see You, to more fully know You and to evermore completely love You? I do not know where You are. Still, even amid the darkness of the late night I watch for You. I know not when You will arrive here at my side. I dream dreams of moments when I felt lonely, isolated, ignored, even unknown. It was then You seemed so far away. However, there in such moments, moments of darkness, moments when despair seemed to prevail, it was then, I persevered and believed.

In such times, I came to discover that the Light of The World will always prevail. I prayed and asked You to come closer, to draw near and You responded with my soft prayerful cries, “If only I could be in Your presence”. In such moments, my heart would awaken, my mind become more attentive and my spirit was blessed with immense love, simplicity and greater trust. Amid the breaking of that spiritual dawn, I was blessed by You, dear Lord. You had indeed entered into the darkness of my spirit, picked me up and rested me in the very depths of Your one holy and blessed Sacred Heart. Those moments were indeed sacred, precious and holy moments.

Lord, my God, if only I could be where You are at all moments. I truly desire to know You, to praise You and to love You with all my heart, all my mind and all my spirit. I bear this one broken, imperfect and impaired prayerful desire; and yet, I wait. I wait patiently O Lord. I trust You are in my company. Yet, I know not where, or how or through whom. So, I must wait. And wait, I have done. I know not that hour when You, dear Lord will enter more fully into my heart of hearts. It is there amid the silence of my heart You dear Lord enter. There amid my broken heart, You lift me up, take my hand and carry me through the darkness of night. It is in such moments I discover Your infinite Sacred Heart—a Divine Heart blessed with love, healing, renewal and greater faith, greater hope and greater love. Amid the breaking of each dawn, I trust, I believe that my heartfelt desire to rest in Your company will always prevail over my brokenness, despair or cries. You dear Lord light the way as I journey along the long and winding Road of Life.

Lord, I beg You to enter more fully into countless lives. Send forth Your beloved and steadfast modern disciples. Guide them to reach out to and serve our frail and imperfect human beings. We are all brothers and sisters. Yet, so many of us, dear Lord stand divided. Our hearts are restless, our minds wander aimlessly and our human spirit appears to be chained to foolish ways of this world. My dearly beloved Lord, we pray You will continue to send forth Your infinite Love, Divine Mercy. We plead for You to bless countless impaired lives and nourish them with Your infinite love and heartfelt wisdom.

Lord, into Your presence, I entrust my deep heartfelt pleas. As I find rest in Your divine company, I ask You, dearest Lord, to hear my prayers and to grant them in accord with Your own will. I ask all this in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ whose Sacred Heart invites all Your peoples to draw near and find stillness, rest and Divine company. For this I give my deepest heartfelt thanks unto You, my dearly beloved Lord. Amen.

-Father Michael Briese