Human Dignity

Posted: 9/3/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Human dignity, your own personal dignity and that of every other human being comes NOT from government, one’s social status, political powers, corporate assets/liabilities or military might! No! Read Genesis and you will discover that God created Adam and Eve out of divine love and in His image and likeness. A vast majority of the great saints lived their lives by following along the pathway blazed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Countless men, women, and children were mere peasants and a strong majority of our countless saints. A majority of our martyrs were extremely poor people. Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of them, were more often than not illiterate, powerless, so often sick and suffering and one might even say, they were insignificant in terms of the unfolding of human history.

Your own life is a pure gift! The moment of your conception when God breathed human nature and life into you, your life was sealed with Divine love. You and every single person were granted our one common thread—our common human nature— and with that Divine blessing, your life became a sacred, precious and holy life. Each person also has free will. How do you consciously give thanks to God for granting unto you this one lifetime? Your innate dignity has not been earned by you, or any other person, or concern. Rather your innate dignity rests inside your very being—there within the very depths of your humanity. Be or become a person who is deeply aware and is moved by the presence of our Lord within the very fiber of your being. And be humbled by the human dignity breathed into you and freely given unto you by our Creator.

All too often the very wealthy, politically influential, and powerful in a society know full well that the ancient proven way of oppressing a nation and its peoples is to divide them, rather than unite the various peoples. Today this divisive strategy is brutally clear to anyone who takes the time to look back at our national history. It is true that history repeats itself. Its NOT exactly the same, but rather similar to the past, as history repeats itself. Rather it is similar. Today in our local communities, across our nation, and around the world, we see and hear a consistent increase in the ways and rationales used to achieve human divisiveness, arguments regarding human superiority and inferiority, and explanations as to why this person is owed this or that. These very successful strategies in our current society echo past historical circumstances here in our society. Will your heart, mind, and spirit freely and knowingly choose to follow in the footsteps of Christ and His eternal Spirit of love and forgiveness? Or will you fall like a fool to the ongoing efforts to “Divide and Conquer” human beings? I pray, and I ask you to pray that we, as children of God, fellow human beings, can once again rediscover and grow in our daily efforts to love others…including our neighbors, strangers, and even our enemies. Let us recognize and sustain the dignity of all human beings. Then pray for peace in ALL human hearts.

-Father Michael Briese