Golden Roses

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Lord, You blessed me with Your greatest gift—that of human life! Dear Lord, Your prophets assure humanity and stir our hearts and minds with Your countless blessings. Lord, Your divinely inspired and prayerful wordsreassure me, and hopefully all peoples, that my life and every human life is a holy life, a sacred life and a precious life. Lord, You breathed into me and all humanity a lifetime of countless breaths, an abundance of Your holy moments, holy hours, holy days, holy seasons and holy years. My own human life was made holy at conception, solely because You, dear Lord, granted me this most precious gift of human life. Thanks be to You, O Lord, my God. Holy are You, dear Lord. Holy are You.

Time and again You, dear Lord granted me a Golden Rose. Throughout my lifetime, I have discovered this lifelong created bouquet of Your divine gifts. Your Golden Roses include, but are not limited to my discovery, greater awareness and deeper heartfelt understanding that each Golden Rose represents You and Your infinite divine mercy, compassion and love. Lord, Icry within the very depths of my being when I realize it was You, who grantedunto me, Your unworthy servant, a lifetime of greater faith, greater hope andgreater love.

O Lord, my God, why have You blessed me? What have I done to be worthy of You? Dear Lord, I humbly accept Your immense love, which is best exemplified by Your willingness to send forth Your only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, whose public suffering and death on that ancient Cross, when followed by His Resurrection, fulfilled the prophetic words foretold by the ancient prophets. Our Father in heaven, holy are You, our one true anddearly beloved Creator. Lord, You sent forth the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to bring rest, stillness and spiritual presence within the silence of my poor, broken and imperfect human heart. Lord, over all these passing years, Youhave blessed my life with an abundance of Golden Roses. Blessed are You, O Lord, our God. Thanks be to You, dear Lord. AMEN.

-Father Michael Briese wrote this reflection after a conversation with an elderly woman 99 years of age. The woman was asking why God has blessed her with longevity, and why is He keeping her here on earth for so many years.