God’s Fire of Love

Posted: 8/14/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

God’s Fire of Love is cast down into the very depth of your own being. God created YOU out of divine love and in His image and likeness. He grants you, me, and all humanity the finite time of our lives. Every minute and hour of every past day, today, and every day to come is a purely unearned gift from God. Within every depth of your own sacred heart is a temple, a place of rest, peace and consolation. Therein rests our dear Lord.

Do not fall to the foolish encouragement which often comes from others, corporations, and even our public agencies. They might encourage you to pursue your personal happiness through products or services you can buy, sell, rent, enjoy or own. Your greatest personal “asset” is YOU and what YOU bring out every day when you enter into your part of the world and in particular your place in society. The greatest value you or any human being possesses comes NOT from “THINGS” you might own, lease, or render unto others. No! Go look into a mirror, and there is a reflection of YOU! YOU are one of God’s most precious, sacred and holy gifts. YOU are precisely because God has a role for YOU to play in the unfolding of His kingdom here at hand. What is that role? That’s a question only YOU can ever hope to learn, understand, pursue, and successfully fulfill. Only YOU can live out your lifelong part in helping to build up the kingdom of God here at hand.

At times, when we speak about or hear the word “fire” associated with the Bible we might think about someone preaching “Fire and brimstone”. More often than not, the word “fire” in the Bible symbolizes the blazing, and brightly shining radiant love which God freely gives unto all whose hearts search for His beloved Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. In this lifetime YOU and all of us owe our own self Truth. We will never find Truth if we bet mostly on the games, things, toys, and pleasures our society tells us we MUST have! Do not fall for this cheap come-on! It is all a sales pitch! Nothing more! YOU and every human being are worth so much more than any THING on this great planet! Inside of YOU is a heart, hopefully on fire with faith, hope and love and so many other Divine blessings.

May you and your life always be deeply seeded in, and attuned to, our dear Lord. Do unto others as Christ would do. Respect your fellow human beings. May YOU become more keenly aware, and able to understand more fully, that indeed our Lord, the Christ, can be discovered in the eyes of our elders, the deeply flawed lives of the homeless, the lives lived by so many who are severely disabled In addition, make time for a brutally honest self-examination of HOW YOU are living out this one God-given life YOU now possess. Gratitude, giving back, countless lifelong daily blessings, creation itself, every breath you take, the abilities to walk, see, hear, speak and understand…even these are all unearned gifts from God. YOU are blessed this very hour and will be on every day to come. May heartfelt peace and a spirit of awe and thanksgiving permeate your heart, mind, and soul. Lastly, may you, myself, and all people be humbled by God’s Fire of Love and His countless blessings.

-Father Michael Briese