God has a place for you

Posted: 5/4/18 | by | Category: Easter Season, Reflections, Uncategorized

Your life is a holy life, a sacred life and a precious life. It is precisely because God has created you out of divine love and in His image and likeness. God has a role for you to play for the unfolding of His kingdom here at hand. The holiness of our Lord is not earned or deserved by you or any other human being. Rather, God teaches us a very clear lesson through His unconditional gift of life. You have a place in the unfolding of God’s creation. You have a God-given role to live out in the everlasting unfolding of His ever expanding universe. What is it our Creator asks of you and from you? What does God want from you while you are able to breathe and walk upon this great planet? Ask yourself this and so many other questions. Do not fail yourself as you journey through this God-given lifetime. Do not settle to be or become a man or woman who at best is superficial, a fake, an adult who knows little as to WHY they are here. They do not know WHERE they are going or HOW to get there? They all too often wander through life without any sense of PURPOSE, DIRECTION or even in possession of a life-long DREAM and COMMITMENT to pursue truth, and the fulfillment of their DREAMS.

Open your frail, imperfect and broken heart to the ways of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Read the Bible. Start slow. Just read a paragraph or a few verses. Open your heart, mind and soul to the ways of our Lord. Yes! Indeed! You of all people can do this. When you come closer to our Lord, you can only win in the long run! Be humbled by the great beauty, dignity and gifts which God has planted inside of you. You are far more than flesh, bone and water. You are sacred, precious and holy precisely because your heart is a temple for our Lord. There within the very depths of your being rests the Divine. Even in your darkest hours, our Lord is and will always be in your company. On this great Sunday, a day of our Lord, I invite you to go home today and find yourself a quiet place, a room in which you can close the door to the fast pace and superficial ways of the world. Instead, pick up a Bible, turn the pages and read whatever holy words to which the Holy Spirit takes you. Treasure your life, your very self, your heart, mind and body. WHY? They are all gifts from God. Go out into the world and accept this Divine Invitation. Then humbly give thanks to our God.

Father Michael Briese