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When our trust has been broken, or when the people to whom we look up to fall short, or when leaders fail us, we can feel anger or disappointment toward them. All this might be absolutely legitimate. Nonetheless, I strongly encourage you to live your life with a top priority and actual ability to forgive those who trespass against you. Always be a forgiver. Otherwise, over your lifetime you will choose to hold grudges and anger toward others. Over the many years of one’s lifetime, such animosity will greatly cause and/or contribute to high blood pressure, envy, and many others will witness that grudge you carry around every hour of every day of your life. Do you want to be a prisoner to others’ past and maybe infuriating actions? No!!! Absolutely NOT!!! Otherwise you will always be a prisoner of that person’s past words, deeds or both! Never allow any human being, government, or powers to have that kind of GREAT power over your heart, mind and spirit! Never!

God is a forgiver! Always! God teaches us through His beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ that our lives do not end at an act of suffering or humiliation or in an act of injustice. Rather, following the death of Christ, we know, He rose again in three days as our Savior and with the promise of our New Life in Christ! Always choose the New Life in Christ. Otherwise, a life will be filled with much poverty of heart, anger, envy, and a desire to be better than someone else. You are already a treasure precisely because God chose to create you out of Divine Love. God is at your side. You need not seek to hold any anger inside. Trust in our Lord knowing full well justice will prevail. Trust not in men, but rather in God. Imitate Christ and learn and become able and willing to forgive those who trespass against you. Then be still, quiet and find rest and greater understanding in the company of Christ.

-Father Michael Briese