Faith in expectation

Posted: 11/15/18 | by | Category: Reflections

When is our Lord coming? How will we know? Jesus was asked similar questions and answered, “But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither, the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” We cannot know WHEN our Creator will actually bring the constant unfolding of human history to its final moment and ultimate end. Some predict there will be a nuclear war, the destruction of all humanity…maybe by war, famine, natural causes or some combination. Others emphasize to repent and be saved for the end of the world is near! Well, I cannot know either the hour or day when our Creator will actually bring His holy creation to its end. Who can really know? No one. Not one person, corporation, church, government or any other interest. It’s impossible to know this actual moment!

Some might also wonder, well, if you cannot know anything about this final time, then HOW can you really know about whether Christ truly was a Savior and not just some good teacher or preacher? Fair question. In fact, it’s great to question. We all need questions in order to learn, discover and find Truth. It takes both faith and reason in order to initially learn about Christ, to pursue and obtain greater understanding about Christ as Savior, and ultimately, to actually seek, find and grow in our own knowledge, understanding and heartfelt wisdom about our Savior and the Son of God Jesus Christ. A life spent in ignorance about Christ is a shallow life. You are not shallow! This is precisely because you are a gift from God.

When you look in a mirror you see and witness a new creation, a person created by God, blessed with the scared gift of human life, and granted unconditionally, every breath you take, every moment you live, and every bit of knowledge you possess. Be humbled by these many invaluable gifts God grants unto you. In your search for Truth, always remember to look in a mirror. There you will see an image and likeness of God. As such, you, solely because of your creation, hold within you a nature created by God out of Divine love and in His image and likeness. You see a holy, sacred and precious life…a life when lived in accord with God’s will can ultimately become a devout, blessed, and a holy life well lived. With trust and greater faith always pray in a spirit of expectation, and fully understand that indeed our Lord is with us, now and until the end of time. Peace.

-Father Michael Briese