Doubting Thomas

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The great apostle Thomas is world renown for his doubts about who Christ really was then, is now, and ever shall be. Thomas questioned the claim that the Risen Christ is indeed the Son of God. Thomas doubted. He questioned. He needed proof…that is concrete evidence that this man claiming to be the expected Risen Savior was indeed whom He claimed to be. The Jewish people expected God the Father to fulfil the ancient prophets’ claims that a Savior was coming and is with us now and forever. Thomas doubted. You, me, countless people doubt the Gospel message, the Christian claim that Christ was, and remains the fulfilment of the ancient prophets, and that Christ had come to bring redemption, renewal of faith, and the promise of salvation and eternal life. Thomas still doubted.

Look at that group of the initial 12 Apostles. Judas betrayed Christ. Peter denied Christ and even refused at times to listen to Christ and simply chose to follow his own will. Thomas was the classic ancient man who wanted real hard proof of Christ’s divinity. Thomas basically said to Christ, “Show me some hard evidence!” In return, the Risen Lord appeared to Thomas and others and gave them a basic message… to go out into the world and share the Good News about salvation, Divine mercy, Divine Love and Divine Justice. Thomas reminded many to learn about Christ, to follow in His footsteps and to dedicate their lives to helping build up the Kingdom of God.

St Thomas was quickly convinced that indeed the Risen Christ was then and remains the expected Savior of the world. I hope you will spend all your life questioning, wondering, asking studying and learning about Christ. We get today! We know NOT whether we will have tomorrow. Come closer to our Risen Christ. Seek Truth! Pursue your own lifelong journey in the company of Christ and imitate Christ by serving others. I pray you will freely open your heart and ears to Christ. Do this today, and many will truly admire your ongoing efforts. Give unto others even if it hurts. Do all this in the Holy Name of our eternal Savior, Jesus Christ. Go forth into the world and always choose to live your life in the company of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Doubting Thomas did this and so can YOU! Do this and you will live out a devout life, a holy life, and a life fulfilled in His Holy Name. This is your invitation to live your life fully embraced by Christ. Will you accept this Divine invitation? Consider this as an act of Divine Mercy. And may you be at peace. Amen.

-Father Michael Briese