Disciples Anointed to Serve

Posted: 10/2/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Spiritual Common Sense, Uncategorized

“When you have done all you have been commanded, say, ’We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.’” These ancient Scripture words echo today. By your Catholic Baptism, you were welcomed into the Church, as a child of God, a modern disciple of Christ, a member of the larger Body of Christ. Hopefully, through either a Catholic education, CCD or both, as well as family teachings and traditions, you have been able to first witness and then actually realize the Divine relationship with you personally, but also with the broader society, and the world at large. God is for you! Who could be against you? Are you with our good Lord?

In today’s larger society and even within our modern Church, there is much desire to outdo the other guy, to accumulate greater power, fame or fortune. We want to be “NUMERO UNO” or Number One! We want to be able to shine as some great success in our family, local community, or out in the broader society. None of these desires, hopes, or goals have anything to do with the Gospel message. Nothing at all!

Your own life is already a sacred, precious and holy life. It is precisely because God has created you out of Divine love and in His image and likeness. What are you going to do to accept this infinite Divine love, Divine justice, and Divine mercy? What are you doing today? Our Lord has a place for you in the unfolding of His kingdom here at hand. Are you being attentive to our Lord? Do you pray each day? Do you read Holy Scripture? Do you receive the Holy Sacraments on a regular basis? Our Lord created your life and continues to breathe life into you. Our Lord waits for you, and all prodigal sons and daughters to come home. Our Lord waits for you, me, and also those searching for greater truth.

Pray every day. Then pray more. In doing so, through the combination of prayers, acts of compassion, daily prayers, and a deep awareness of God’s presence in your daily life, you can mature in your spiritual relationship with the Divine. In a spirit of love, be attentive to the Gospel. Be humbled to be invited to go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel with both words and actions. At the end of each day, be humbled by the worthiness of your own life, the God-given, and innate dignity God has granted you, and of course, the many abilities and gifts with which God has blessed you. Then, in a spirit of thanksgiving, be humbled & be at peace.

-Father Michael Briese