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The Ascension of Jesus Christ was that moment when human history stopped. It was when the Risen Lord said goodbye to the apostles and His disciples and sent forth the Advocate, the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit. Over 2,000 years ago hearts were attuned to Christ and they thirsted for the Divine Presence. Today in ourContinue Reading »

Memorial Day

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This Memorial Day let us be people of thanksgiving. May we ask our dear Lord to remind us about the sacred nature of all human life. We give honor to our soldiers, veterans and the countless civilian workforce whose hard work, courage and steadfast fidelity to our one nation under God enables all Americans toContinue Reading »

“Follow Me”

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The above are words spoken by Jesus to His Apostles. Apart from Judas, the betrayer, all of the Apostles freely chose to follow Christ. All of them, with the exception of John, died for Christ as martyrs. They truly died…gave their own lives for Christ. Most of the original apostles were not very well educatedContinue Reading »

Doubting Thomas

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The great apostle Thomas is world renown for his doubts about who Christ really was then, is now, and ever shall be. Thomas questioned the claim that the Risen Christ is indeed the Son of God. Thomas doubted. He questioned. He needed proof…that is concrete evidence that this man claiming to be the expected RisenContinue Reading »

Oh! Ancient Day

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Mary’s heart was broken. The apostles were in hiding. A guard stood near the tomb. The darkness of night surrendered unto the breaking dawn, and red rays pierced through the ancient sky. Dawn brought forth that ancient morning when time stopped and human history was transformed by God Himself as He reached down into theContinue Reading »

Palm Sunday

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On Palm Sunday we celebrate the entrance of Jesus into the City of Jerusalem. He knows and we know today that this final passage into Jerusalem is a symbol for His final entrance into what will unfold to become the Passion of Jesus Christ. We look back with great clarity. Yet! Underneath all that intellectualContinue Reading »

We are sinners

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You are a sinner and so am I and so is every single human being. We are a broken and imperfect race of various peoples. Our one common thread is our own humanity. Do you even care about people whom you know not; people who certainly share in your own humanity? Do you truly careContinue Reading »

The Prodigal Son

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Luke’s well renown and much treasured story of The Prodigal Son provides an ancient truth which hits dead center to the way modern societies approach life. In America we as a society are bombarded all day with messages that tell us we must have this or that, and we must go here or there, orContinue Reading »