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As the human heart tolls

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You have within you a special place, a holy chamber, one known throughout ancient writings, throughout human history as being called “the human heart”. There within the very depth of your being is a sacred place where you can find rest, heartfelt wisdom and the company of our dear and beloved Lord. There within thatContinue Reading »

Rich in faith, poverty of heart

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For those of our church community who are among our young people, pay attention to the world around you. Older adults by the hundreds, if not thousands can confirm what I am about to say. This world from day one tells us we need a fancy style of clothes, a new and expensive sports carContinue Reading »

Poverty of heart

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Sometimes we watch or listen to the news. Week after week we hear about hatred, war, oppression, murder, rape, robbery, abuse of children, women, elders, even animals. This is one major reason I find no need to sit in front of a so called t.v. box and listen about many ways in which men, womenContinue Reading »

Poverty of heart, mind and spirit

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Jesus said to His apostles, “Anyone who gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ, amen, I say to you, will surely not lose his reward.” All the material wealth in the world will not bring any human being the peace of heart, mind and spirit for which the vastContinue Reading »

The Last shall be First

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Mankind has always tried to make the point that being first does not always prove to be the most important or valuable achievement in life. Today our Roman Catholic Church is being shaken by a crisis known to countless well-educated men and women. These intelligent and gifted people have made possible todays worldwide Church crises.Continue Reading »

A Deaf Heart

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What an irony of ironies! Some would claim no heart can hear… that only ears can hear. But, hearts do in fact hear when they are more attentive. And human hearts can sense, feel and even grasp reasoning, and in so doing obtain greater knowledge, greater understanding and greater heartfelt wisdom. Each and every humanContinue Reading »

Labor for Our Just Lord

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Choose to labor for our good and gracious Lord. Our Lord merits your attentive heart, mind and spirit. He does precisely because God has unconditionally granted you a pure and undeserved or merited gift in your holy, sacred and precious gift of human life. Our Lord is pure goodness! God’s love is NOT to beContinue Reading »