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Palm Sunday

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On Palm Sunday we celebrate the entrance of Jesus into the City of Jerusalem. He knows and we know today that this final passage into Jerusalem is a symbol for His final entrance into what will unfold to become the Passion of Jesus Christ. We look back with great clarity. Yet! Underneath all that intellectualContinue Reading »

Teach me your ways

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Lord, teach me to follow your footsteps, to bring Your love into the lives of others, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the dying, to care for the widow and the orphan, to help the stranger in need, and to serve the least among us. Lord, enable me to upholdContinue Reading »

Listen to Him

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At the Transfiguration of Christ were the apostles, Peter, James and John. They actually witnessed this great moment in human history; a particular moment when the Divine entered into a particular place in the unfolding story of humanity in its relationship with God. St Mark writes, that God spoke directly to these three apostles andContinue Reading »

Repent and Believe

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Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. We experience suffering, injustice or a shocking moment of reality. We are turned upside down…even inside out. It is then life makes NO sense. It is very often such times in our life that we spontaneously choose to turn to God for guidance, courage and solace. Or, sometimesContinue Reading »