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A Prayer for Pentecost

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O Holy Spirit, I ask You to permeate the very depths of my being and to enter ever more deeply into my heart. O Holy Spirit, may You bring into our lives greater peace, deep awe, heartfelt appreciation and quiet rest amid life’s turbulent waters. Bless Your disciples with Your holy and good counsel asContinue Reading »

The Vine of Christ

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You are a part of the Vine of Christ. You can help nourish the Gospel message, the love of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit. Christ invites you, me and all people to freely enter into and participate in the unfolding of God’s kingdom here at hand. You possess an innate goodness…the goodnessContinue Reading »

St. Stephen & Service

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In today’s readings we hear about St. Stephen, the first martyr in Christianity. St. Stephen was a very strong follower in Christ. His faith was so strong that others chose him to be included in the original group of seven men who were chosen to be ordained and serve others as Deacons. Today we haveContinue Reading »

Divine Mercy

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God so loved the world that He sent forth His only begotten Son, to teach and preach, to die and rise, all in fulfillment of the ancient prophets. Divine Mercy is purely God’s Mercy. It is in you and I and all who freely choose to follow in the footsteps of Christ. May we, asContinue Reading »

O Ancient Day!

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Mary’s heart was broken. The apostles were in hiding. A guard stood near the tomb. The darkness of night surrendered unto the breaking dawn, and red rays pierced through the ancient sky. Dawn brought forth that ancient morning when time stopped and human history was transformed by God Himself as He reached down into theContinue Reading »

Pentecost Sunday

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On that ancient Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles and early Christians and ignited them with that vibrant faith! They were granted great spiritual renewal, gifts and wisdom. They could speak in tongues, heal, preach and even raise from the dead. The Spirit granted unto them a great sense of God’s presence.Continue Reading »

Crazy for the Lord in the Philippines

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Agnes went about every day never willing to forget others. She saw a 9-year-old runaway boy sleeping outside a restaurant. He was awakened by one of her fellow journeymen and ushered into a local restaurant. There a breakfast was ordered, provided, prepared, and paid for under the soft spoken order given by none other thanContinue Reading »

Ascension Sunday: Oh! Glorious Moment

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On that ancient day, in one glorious moment. He ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of our Father. Born unto the Holy Virgin Mary and raised by His holy father Joseph, He walked among God’s peoples. Scorned and rejected, He died on that old rugged Cross between two criminals. HeContinue Reading »