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2020 & Time

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2020 & TIME As we enter the year 2020, we realize the first two decades of the 21st Century have already passed. They have surrendered unto the beginning of the second score of this, the 21st century. Time simply marches forward. No government, military force, corporation or billionaire can stop Time. No! None! Where doesContinue Reading »

In the Beginning

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In the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh. We firmly believe and hopefully with both a humble heart and mind, we acknowledge the infinite, undeserved love God showed when He sent forth His only begotten Son. When Jesus walked among the people of God, He found resistance, rejection, and distrust. Jesus alsoContinue Reading »

Morning Star

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When your heart feels alone, when your spirit is wrestling with truth, or when you might find discomfort permeating the very depths of your being, just recall that ancient morning star which shone so brightly on that cold ancient night. Recall the darkness of that ancient night when countless men, women and children waited. TheyContinue Reading »

Knights of that Night

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T’was just nights before Christmas when all through the land This older gentleman heard the cries of a mere lamb. They were the cries of a boy in need of a winter coat and toys Whose heart was afire with hopes for both girls and boys. Christmas was coming but it was so bitter cold.Continue Reading »


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Christmas humbles any human heart, mind and soul willing to recognize God’s immense deeds and His infinite love and Divine Mercy. He sent forth His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that the severe burdens of our human nature, with all its imperfection and brokenness could in fact be transformed intoContinue Reading »