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The Holy Way

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God had spoken. The prophets had listened and shared this Good News with the people of God. Some ears heard, others were distracted and still some ears ignored our Lord. Hearts and minds yearned for that promised moment when the expected Lord would appear among them. They knew He would be born in the stockContinue Reading »

Robe of Salvation

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Our Savior is coming. We wait in a spirit of trust and expectation. We wait. We wait in silence, in a spirit of faith and with a spirit of change and renewal. Christmas is that great celebration in Church history when we as the modern church look back to the past and from our ownContinue Reading »

Prepare the Way of the Lord

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This Advent use our Season of Expectation to slow down, look around and see the actual presence of our good Lord. Prepare yourself for our celebration of Christmas by receiving the great Sacrament of Reconciliation. There within you and I rests the very presence of our dear and beloved Lord. He rests within you andContinue Reading »