Blessings on me

Posted: 3/12/20 | by | Category: Lent, Reflections, Uncategorized

Lord, You have always poured countless blessings onto humanity. For this alone, I give an abundance of thanks to You, O Lord, our God. My parents taught us to always say, “Please and thanks’. They taught us this so that one day when we would be adults we would go out into society being adults whose own hearts and minds would be keenly aware that we so often are given or granted or provided a favor, a meal or hospitality which we did not earn or merit. These acts of kindness, generosity, and goodness were freely given by other people who asked for nothing in return. Our parents were smart! Somehow they understood that humanity could always use a little more goodness, thanksgiving, and appreciation. They knew that decades ago and now decades later, we, their adult children understand the profound value of this simple but invaluable understanding.

Lord, Your blessings on me are countless and have been throughout all my past days, and I believe will continue in abundance throughout my future days. Why? I believe this is because our dear Lord extended unto you, me and every human being a brief moment in His Eternal Story. This brief time is our one lifetime. It will be no shorter and no longer. I try in some insignificant way to realize this God-given gift of life on a daily basis. Each day I give my heartfelt thanks to our God and His divine mercy, justice, and love. We can at best only seek to more fully grasp, more fully understand and treasure these and His other bountiful gifts and blessings.

Our dearest Lord is at this very moment here in our midst! What a great blessing! What a blessed understanding! What a fabulous way to acknowledge the sacred, blessed and holy right here in my presence and right in the middle of a busy day. I more clearly understand that our dear Lord walks with me and others as one might be driving home from work, or one is finishing up working in the garden or in the fields. What a great blessing our dear Lord truly is! Blessed is He who comes in the Holy Name of our Lord! And blessed are we whose daily lives are but unfolding stories of the holy amid the ordinary, the divine amid the human and Divine Love in union with human imperfection. It is a pure and unearned blessing to more fully see, understand and stand in awe as we faithfully grasp the ancient truth that indeed our Greatest Creator is walking in our company. Daily our good Lord blesses His beloved daughters and sons, all of them being holy, sacred and precious members of the imperfect, broken and frail human race. Lord, thank you for Your countless blessings on me and all humanity. Holy is Your Name, O Lord, our God. AMEN.

-Father Michael Briese