As the human heart tolls

Posted: 10/15/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

You have within you a special place, a holy chamber, one known throughout ancient writings, throughout human history as being called “the human heart”. There within the very depth of your being is a sacred place where you can find rest, heartfelt wisdom and the company of our dear and beloved Lord. There within that very quiet place, you can discover and re-discover what only God can give. There our Lord enters into the very depth of your broken and imperfect human being. There within that place of profound truth, heartfelt prayer and divine mercy, you will come to realize, and over many years grow in your own understanding that indeed our beloved Lord rests in your company.

Whether you are experiencing the dark night of your soul, a stormy period in your daily life, or sincere doubts, you, like the apostles are indeed invited by our loving Lord to draw closer and to more fully enter into His Divine company. In such moments, you and all who search will discover time and again, that our Risen Lord could not have fulfilled the ancient prophets without experiencing first His Crucifixion…in order to experience His Resurrection. This is the Good News of Jesus Christ. He suffered, died, was buried, and rose again in fulfillment of the ancient Scripture. Today, in you, His holy disciple, you will experience time and again, human suffering, doubts, questions, bewilderment. You might ask, “WHY my Lord, am I experiencing this? I am faithful to You, dear Lord. Hear me dear Lord and answer me.” Such cries from the very depth of your sacred heart, mind and body echo the ancient words of Christ as He prayed in the Garden. These holy cries, all too often, accompanied by heartfelt tears reflect our one common broken and frail human condition. Your life is pure gift from God…an unearned or unmerited gift of pure Divine Love.

Today, our dearly beloved Lord invites you, me, and all who listen, to come closer into His Divine Presence. As we draw nearer we will in fact discover more and more His real presence, His infinite divine mercy, justice and love. On this holy day, a day granted unto all humanity by He Who is, and always will be.…remember to look within. There within the very depth of your spiritual heart, you too will be humbled by our Lord’s true desire and willingness to serve you, and all who journey amid His creation of our one common and broken humanity. Understanding this, close your eyes, open your wounded heart more and more, and in a spirit of awe, gratitude and humility, give up your cries and prayers to our loving Lord. Then, bow your head, and know that indeed our Lord walks in your company and will do so until the hour of your death. Then you will be granted the eternal life our Lord obtained for you. There in the company of countless angels and saints you will be granted eternal peace…a peace you well deserve.

-Father Michael Briese