Advent as a season of anticipation

Posted: 11/30/18 | by | Category: Uncategorized

Advent is here. God so loved the world that He sent forth His only begotten Son, to be born of the Holy Virgin Mary, and was loved, cared for, and protected by his holy father, Joseph. Jesus, the Holy Child was blessed and prepared for His three-year ministry by their collective God-inspired loving union known as the Holy Family. Advent awakens countless tired hearts, minds and souls. It is the liturgical Season when via the darkness of that cold and seemingly impoverished ancient holy night, the holy angels from on high, entered into human history to announce the coming of our anticipated Savior and Holy Redeemer.

Jesus Christ was, is now, and shall always be the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace and the expected Son of God. Advent helps to remind us to slow down, to forego the superficial and countless ways we run, run, and run around seeking satisfaction, pleasure or happiness. I assure you, that the very sense of happiness or peace which every human being yearns for, can only be found via the divine message of Christmas.

Advent awakens a tired soul, stirs much human wonderment, and brings great joy to countless lives. The holiness of our Lord rests within you! There within the very depth of your being is sacred space, a holy place, a part of your own human fabric which is a temple for our expected Lord. This Advent make haste and slow down, step back from the superficial parts of life, and in a quiet place, turn within yourself, and there amid your own imperfect and broken humanity, be still; and in prayer you will find God.

It is written, “People will die of fright in anticipation of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” (Lk 21:26). Advent brings us a great spiritual reminder: Christ came and continues to come into countless lives to bring healing, renewal, forgiveness, justice and eternal life. “Do you hear what I hear?” What a great Christmas question! This Advent in anticipation of our coming Lord, Savior and Holy Child, may you, me, and all God’s peoples begin this joyful season of Good News with hearts keenly attuned to, and expecting the very Savior whom we now anticipate. He is coming! Our Lord is among us. We are His prodigal sons and daughters. This Advent make time for Christ.

-Father Michael Briese