A Prayer for Pentecost

Posted: 5/15/18 | by | Category: Easter Season, Prayers, Uncategorized

O Holy Spirit, I ask You to permeate the very depths of my being and to enter ever more deeply into my heart. O Holy Spirit, may You bring into our lives greater peace, deep awe, heartfelt appreciation and quiet rest amid life’s turbulent waters. Bless Your disciples with Your holy and good counsel as we continue to discover, more fully understand, and strive to imitate Your infinite divine mercy, wisdom and justice. Blessed Holy Spirit, I pray Your divine love is reflected in both my words and actions. I pray each day that Your eternal gifts of faith, hope and love are daily brought to life in and throughout countless lives. O God, our Father, may the Holy Spirit make all Your modern disciples steadfast sources of Your divine invitation. This You extend unto all peoples and nations. You encourage us to more fully enter into and live out a holy life, one firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. O Holy Spirit, may You continue to bless, strengthen and renew each and every human heart, mind and soul. Come Holy Spirit, and continue to guide humanity through each unfolding day. This we ask in the Holy Name of our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Father Michael Briese