A life of blessings and woes

Posted: 2/11/19 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

Know this…Your life is pure gift. Your life is an outward sign of God’s infinite love, divine mercy and countless gifts. Your own life, like every human life is sacred, precious and holy. It is precisely because God has created YOU out of divine love and in His image and likeness. This day is a day of our Lord. You did NOT create this day. Nor did I. Nor did any great world leader, billionaire, or corporation. Rather, in order to protect, re-create and sustain you and all people God our Father sent forth His only begotten Son to preach and teach, to die and rise and to ascend into heaven in fulfilment of the ancient prophets. This holy hour now passing is but a brief glimpse of God’s immense love for you, your family members and close friends. God is merciful, just and forgiving. Are you? Can you answer this question in the affirmative in a brutally honest way? Tell yourself the actual truth to this question. Take it to prayer. In search of God first seek truth and secondly always seek to walk humbly in the company of Christ.

This life you now possess is a pure unearned gift from God. When did you apply for this life, complete an application or make any required payments? When? Never. God has already created you out of divine love and in His image and likeness. And God has a role for you to play in the unfolding of His kingdom here at hand. Look into a mirror and you will see your physical self. Also, take time to reflect upon you, who you have become, where you hope to go and what might be required to pursue and obtain your own dreams, hopes and desires. Open your whole being to our God. Then humbly always seek to support those in need… including a stranger, your neighbor and even your enemy.

Pray this brief prayer I prayed last week. “Lord, I ask You, dear Creator to take my heart, my mind, my spirit, and my entire being, and create in me the new person, the better person, and the more compassionate and just person You dear Lord call me to become. This I pray in the Holy Name of Your beloved Son and our Savior Jesus Christ.” You now possess a great gift of life…a gift breathed into you by our dearly beloved Creator. God blesses you and asks you to live your daily life in ways which bring God’s many blessings into the lives of others. Do this in memory of our Savior and Holy Redeemer Jesus Christ. Lastly always pray in a spirit of awe and thanksgiving to our Creator who already blesses your daily life with both blessings and woes. And then be still, quiet and prayerful and always know our Lord is with you now and forever. Then quietly be humbled and consciously aware of Christ’s presence in your own life and the lives of those around you. Then may you be at peace with all. Amen.

-Father Michael Briese