A Deaf Heart

Posted: 9/4/18 | by | Category: Reflections, Uncategorized

What an irony of ironies! Some would claim no heart can hear… that only ears can hear. But, hearts do in fact hear when they are more attentive. And human hearts can sense, feel and even grasp reasoning, and in so doing obtain greater knowledge, greater understanding and greater heartfelt wisdom. Each and every human being is suffering. Whether one understands or acknowledges this is another matter. This is a truth. Otherwise we might have “perfect human beings” walking along on this planet. Personally, I have never met a “perfect person”. Have you?

Prayer is the language of the human heart. Prayer is more than those tears, dreams, deep desires we might utter or cry our within the very depths of our heart. In fact, those who often appear to be deaf in their heart are quite often intelligent, successful and well- connected men and women. But! They have more important matters or concerns in life, than simply their faith and God. Going to Church for about an hour on Sundays is good enough for them. It is not adequate for God. Our Lord, invites you into His infinite presence. God offers you to share in the divine gift of a holy life. You already possess a portion of His holiness. Now our Lord invites you to enter into a more intimate encounter with our Father. He asks you to come closer into His company, and to draw near. In so doing, you will discover spiritual comfort, peace and wisdom. With deep heartfelt gratitude you will find rest and stillness in the company of our Lord.

Do not live out this sacred, precious and holy life indifferent to either God or humanity. Countless people suffer in this life. One might view them as being less fortunate, inferior or foolish. These are some of the same kinds of people among whom Jesus gathered, ate, preached, taught and ultimately appointed as apostles. You too are more likely than not among those of us in the modern Church who consciously and freely chose to follow Christ. We journey in the company of Christ as we pursue our greater understanding of God and humanity. Always choose to journey in the company of Christ as we persevere in our search for greater understanding, clarity and greater faith. Pursue this lifelong journey, be steadfast in your faith, and you will find rest in the company of Christ. Open your broken heart to listen and hear as God speaks to you, in you, and through you. Blessed are they who walk humbly in the footsteps of Christ. Amen.

-Father Michael Briese